Strong(wo)man Seminar – 1st December 2018

This workshop is for newbies as well as athletes who have trained Strong(wo)man before.
I will adapt the training to all personal needs.
Ramon speaks German, English and French.

– Axle ground to overhead
– Log ground to overhead
– Circus Dumbbell
– Yoke Carry
– Farmers Walk
– Atlas Stones

Ramon Gysin – 6x Strongest man of Switzerland, 2x 7th @ Arnold Classics Europe U105kg, Powerlifting european record holder (Squat, WDFPF -100kg), CF Strongman Seminar Staff, CF L1 Seminar Staff, The Training Plan Strength Coach

Detailed explanation and coaching of the most efficient and SAFEST technique to lift the heaviest weights.
How to work with gravity and not against it.
Understand leverage and moment arms and how to use these to your advantage and for your safety.
Learn to stay balanced and keep the proper alignement of your joints and muscles for the mechanical best positions to perform at your strongest.
Find support, tension and stability to be stronger.

Mechanics first = Be in control
Keep it simple = No fancy bullshit
Don’t just do it. Do it right. MASTER THE BASICS

Price: 120.- CHF (Members CFL/Swiss FSA) – 140 CHF Non-Members – ONLY 20 SPOTS!
Level: for all levels
Location: CrossFit Leman Vich
Schedule: 12:00-18:00

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October 10th, 2018|Event|