24 Hour Burpee Challenge – 18+19.01

The 24 Hour Burpee Challenge – Fund Raiser

You dreamed of it, we created it… ok not really !!

But it’s IMPORTANT to know that each burpee will bring some money to the association Rêves Suisse.

People will alternate every 50 or 100 reps (you choose). You can now register online and choose a time slot in Zen Planner (in “sign up”). If you want to come along with some friends, family, it’s open to everyone and it’s free. You can come in groups and to make it more fun you can even dress up!

There will also be prizes for the 3 athletes who complete 100 burpees the fastest, and for the ones who make the highest total during the 24 hours.

We are looking for sponsors and partners for this event. Obviously some financial sponsors, but also partners that are willing to provides prizes and/or food for the winners and people participating and offering their time and sweat to raise money (approx 300 people).

If you are interested in supporting the action or if you know someone willing to do so, let us know

Let’s try to raise as much money as possible for the association !

Location: CF Leman Vich
Free and open to everyone, also non-members

Un grand merci à tous nos sponsors et partenaires. Merci de penser à eux.

Gold Sponsor
Prisma Solutions à Nyon – www.prismasolutions.ch

Main Partners
GladiatorFit – www.gladiatorfit.ch – @gladiatorfit.ch
Chiefs – www.chiefs.ch – @chiefslife

Wälti Pub – www.walti-publicite.ch – @walti_pub
2e Acte (Gland)- www.2acte.bar
SB Sport – www.sbsport.ch – @sb_sport_service
Nocco – www.nocco.com – @noccoswitzerland
Boucherie Berlie Rolle
BSR Imprimeurs – www.bsrimprimeurs.ch
Nathalie Prétôt Coiffure Gland
SEIC – www.seicgland.ch
Freely – www.freelyhandustry.com – @freely_handustry


December 11th, 2018|Event|