Ô-vives Summer Contest – 20 July 2019

We are happy to announce the first competition at CrossFit Leman Eaux-vives. CrossFit is a moment where we share and help each other. Everybody, no matter their level, is part of the group and considered equal to the others. That is why we will have a competiton in team of 2.

Teams must have 1 advanced person and 1 rookie (less than 8 months). Don’t worry, the wods will be as hard for the rookie than for the advanced. You will have more information on how it will all go down, week after week.

Only obligation, only one athlete should be able to swim.

Only 20 teams will be able to participate. Starting Monday July 8th at 12h15, there will be a sheet at your dispoal for signing up (only open to CF Leman Eaux-Vives members).

Save the entire day because the competition will go from 9h to 16h. But… we suggest you to have a BBQ together starting at 16h.

We hope to see you come in number. Until then, look actively for your partner.


Contest: 9H – 16H

BBQ: from 16:00 (pot luck dinner)

Level required: open to all levels.

Teams: 20 teams of 2 with 1 Advanced + 1 Rookie (less than 8 month of CrossFit)

July 4th, 2019|Event|